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We believe that the most valuable, most important, and most exciting part of a wedding is the ceremony. It promises. It inspires. It confirms. It unites. It’s the reason we are all there! All the wonderful stuff afterwards, is a celebration of the ceremony & the amazing love that brought you together!

We also believe that every couple deserves the opportunity to declare their love and commitment in a ceremony that is a vibrant reflection of them and their unique relationship.

As licensed Wedding Officiants, Contemporary Ordained Interfaith Ministers, and professional Ceremony Designers, we help guide the spoken words of things already understood, (but sometimes too big to say without help), into everything you wanted in a ceremony, but didn’t know how.

Formal or relaxed, romantic or whimsical… Spiritual, earthly, interfaith or multicultural… On the beach or on a boat, in the woods or on a farm, or any combination in between… Whatever and wherever you envision your wedding ceremony to be, imagination is the limit to creating a meaningful, memorable ceremony that truly reflects who you and your partner are, and your love and commitment for each other.

Our mission is to create a one-of-a-kind ceremony that reflects you — your beliefs, cultural background, values, and tastes…because your life is amazing. Celebrate!!